Go Wild

Definitely NOT for the faint hearted. THIS IS DIFFICULT FISHING. The river banks are overgrown with tall vegetation that you have to bush whack your way through. Tread carefully, because there are no neatly manicured river banks, mown footpaths and heated huts. This is how nature intended.

Obstacles, you bet! There are weeds, tree roots, boulders, overhanging branches, fallen branches, bits of trees and that tall stuff growing on the river bank, usually hiding things for you to trip over.

Trout Beck Beat from Go Wild in Eden

Go Wild is The Eden Rivers Trust’s innovative roving voucher angling scheme. We have 28 challenging fishing beats spread throughout Cumbria’s beautiful Eden valley. The beats are all on private land, accessible only via the Go Wild scheme and are all real hidden gems.

Go Wild has been designed to provide a sustainable income for farmers and landowners, focussing particularly on stretches of river where habitat improvement work has been carried out. Additionally, the catch returns help us improve our understanding of the catchment’s wild trout stocks, which allows us to manage them more effectively.
**Catch and release is in operation on all beats at all times**
Most of our beats are ideal trout habitat – so the banks are overgrown and there are plenty of trees, fallen branches and other obstacles. This is difficult fishing!

Go Wild in Eden
Units O + Q
Skirsgill Business Park
CA11 0DP

Telephone: 01768 866788
Fax: 01768 866700
Email: info@go-wild.org.uk
Website: gowild.edenriverstrust.org.uk

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